26 March 2011

Chegubard : Isu Video Seks Kesinambungan Konspirasi Terhadap Anwar

Matlamat menghalalkan cara. Demikian rumusan Pengerusi Solidariti Anak Muda Malayasia (SAMM), Badrul Hisham Shaharin terhadap isu video seks yang cuba dikaitkan dengan Ketua Pembangkang, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim.
Menceritakan pengalamannya dibawa ke menonton video tersebut, Badrul berkata, tayangan dibuat dalam skala yang besar dan amat terancang melibatkan individu-individu terlatih.
Ini katanya, hanya mengesahkan gerakan ini adalah kesinambungan konspirasi terhadap Anwar.
Seperti dalam filem perisikan, Badrul diminta menanti di satu kawasan neutral terlebih dahulu. Beliau terpaksa menukar- nukar kenderaan beberapa kali sebelum tiba di lokasi tayangan. Setibanya di Hotel Shangri-La Kuala Lumpur, tubuhnya diperiksa oleh anggota- anggota keselamatan.
"Saya merasakan hampir mustahil PM tidak tahu akan perkara ini. Babak seterusnya kita boleh jangka. Polis akan berkata video itu sahih, dan polis telah serbu lokasi kejadian dan menemui DNA Anwar Ibrahim. Kemunculan video ini hanya membuktikan konspirasi I dan II sekarang ini didalangi oleh UMNO BN," ujar Badrul.
Beliau berkata demikian di program Fokus Berita terbitan TV Selangor.
Ketika disoal pengacara, Badrul yakin pasukan keselamatan turut dilibatkan dalam konspirasi ini berdasarkan kepada percanggahan kenyataan di antara pihak berkuasa dan Dato Syazryl Eskay.
"Ini konspirasi jahat yang melibatkan individu dalam pasukan keselamatan. Polis kata dia telah ambil keterangan dari Dato Eskay dan dilepaskan dengan jaminan polis. Saya telah ditahan 32 kali, dan saya tahu bahawa mereka yang diambil keterangan perlu menandatangi setiap mukasurat kenyataan yang diambil. Eskay kata dia tidak tandatangan apa-apa. Polis tipu atau Eskay tipu ?," ujarnya lagi.
Badrul mengakui masyarakat umum yang tidak rapat dengan Ketua Pembangkang itu boleh terkeliru dengan pelakon utama video berkenaan yang seiras Anwar.
Meskipun ia memfitnah, Badrul berkata, ada kemungkian video yang kini dalam kawalan polis itu akan bocor ke ruang maya.
"Video mungkin asli, maksudnya tiada kacau ganggu dalam imej itu, tetapi pelakon dalam video itu nampak seperti Anwar Ibrahim, tetapi ia bukan Anwar Ibrahim.
Contohnya, pelakon Ben Kinsley mendapat 11 anugerah kerana menghidupkan watak Mahatma Gandhi, namun mereka yang rapat kepada pemimpin itu tahu itu bukan Gandhi kerana kita tidak boleh menipu bahasa tubuh.


James Bong said...

Saya setuju, isu ini adalah permainan politik, namun saya juga setuju jika ianya harus disiasat siapa pelu atas katil tu...

Anonymous said...

Pro-UMNO MCA Is Anti Buddhist !
Contributed by Anak Mami

Ven. Phra Piya Thammo,

Dear Devotees,

Before I commence of my letter-writing toward. All of you, I would like to inform all of you that I am not satisfy with the lawyer, Dato YIP KUM FOOK due to his bad inspirit impressions because he sent an inspector to come to our Buddhist Temple to arrest me without any good reason, moreover, the lawyer, YIP KUM FOOK is not satisfy with Chief monk.

When the Chief monk had me to go to his Temple already and he went away and left me alone to take care until Chief monk come back to the Temple first and he also told me not to leave the Temple if any committees or the chairman want to chase me out, you don’t leave the Temple at all understand? Then I said, alright? To the chief monk! On the second Day, YIP KUM FOOK came to our Temple and talk to me. He tired to make some inquiry from me and he asked me, where I come from? I told him that I came from Penang.

Then, I told to the lawyer (YIP KUM FOOK, MCA Man) that the chief monk came to Penang and fetch me and invited me to accompany him to go to his temple in K.L. I am not aware that YIP KUM FOOK is not in a good terms with the chief monk, chief monk already in this way, YIP KUM FOOK try to create trouble with me unnecessary. That is why, the lawyer want to chase me out of the Temple. Then I asked the lawyer, why you want to chase me out of the temple? Moreover, the Temple is not belonging to you, UNDERSATAND? Then, I asked him, who are you? I don’t know you at all, you have no right to chase me or control me at all, UNDERSTAND? You are just like a layman only. Do you know the regulations that any the chairman or committee cannot control the monks and the Nuns at all, also UNDERSTAND?

I scolded him like that. Then the lawyer (YIP KUM FOOK) is not satisfy with me and he told me that he will called the police to come to the Temple and arrest me. I told him to go ahead and called the police to come and arrest me. I won’t run away, I said to him like that. I have done nothing wrong toward you, why you want to arrest me? He said, he doesn’t like me to stay here. I asked him, why? Again. After this he got very angry with me, then he phoned up to the police and the police came to the Temple and told me to leave the Temple.

I told to the inspector of the again, 1 am sorry, I won’t leave the Temple because the chief monk had instructed me not to leave the Temple without his consent, UNDERSTAND? Then the inspector told me to leave, again. I told him I cannot leave the Temple because the Chief Monk hasn’t come back yet. This time, the inspector got very angry with me and he took out his handcuff and try to threaten me, then I immediately show off my hands for him to lock me up but he scare, then again, the inspector told me leave the Temple again but I still don’t want to leave the Temple.

Then I phoned up to the chief monk again and I told him that the inspector insisted want to arrest me, you better come back to settle the case for me. After this incident, Chief Monk came back to the Temple and take me to go to another temple and stay their. That’s all about this incidents! Last of all, I would like to inform all of you, that no committees or the chairman can control all the monks and Nuns at all also UNDERSTAND? “They are higher than the King,” also! So how can the laymen, the committees and the chairman to control them: – EVEN THE KING ALSO RESPECTED THE MONKS AND NUNS. Why the chairman doesn’t respect the monks and nuns? They will carry the sins later on, UNDERSTAND?

Yours in Dhamma

Ven. Phra Piya Thammo
Penang, Malaysia

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
Burma (or Myanmar – as it is now called) is believed to be a very corrupt country with poor standards of living. As a result, many people of Burma flee to foreign countries in search of a better life. This is a video of a few of those who relocated to Malaysia.

As Burmese men found out, girls who came to Malaysia with them, started whoring themselves out lured by easy money prostitution brings. Needless to say, after men who struggled along to make it to Malaysia found out how low their women descended, they taught them a lesson by beating the shit out of them.

At first I thought that this was a disgraceful example of a stronger specimen abusing his nature given gift of strength over a disadvantaged, weaker specimen (aka men beating on women). This type of behavior is not uncommon, especially when it comes to places like Egypt, yet it still outraged the pacifist in me. But then I found out the real back story behind the video and thought it was kind of righteous. Sometimes you just need to use your strength to beat sense into a whore or else she’s gonna disgrace her and drag all of her relatives down to hell with her.

As seemingly brutal as the video appears, I think the attackers deserve props for merely slapping the bitches up, instead of punching them with fists or using sticks on them. They needed to beat sense into the women, but didn’t want to leave them bruised up. There is a pretty good sense of “doing the right thing by resorting to violence” from the video. It evokes confusing feelings, but is an interesting watch. Take a look and tell me what you think. Justified beating or what?

Some of people said, take place at BUDDHIST TEMPLE, 19 Jalan 38 TAMAN DESA JAYA, Kuala Lumpur,..High Chief Monk or Leader Myanmar:- Dr Ashin Indaka and Chairman:- Datuk Yip Kum Fook(MCA man of Gombak)

Anonymous said...

No benefit in keeping Pempena afloat
In September last year, four directors of Pembangunan Perlancongan Nasional Sdn Bhd (Pempena) Datuk Yip Kum Fook (MCA GOMBAK, who is BAD name in Buddhist and he always went to China to find girls) Datuk Donald Lim Siang Chai, Syed Abdul Rahman and Jaigani Jaafar – were served with letters of demand for payment of more than RM12.4 million owed by the company.
The letters from lawyer Joginder Singh, who was acting for Kah Bintang Auto Sdn Bhd were sent by registered post. On receiving the letter, one of them, Lim, the former deputy toursim minister and current deputy finance minister, contacted the CEO of Pempena and asked him to act on the demand.
For a good eight months, nothing happened. No effort was made to contact the motor company or negotiate a settlement. Failing to get a response, Kah Bintang published notice of an intended winding up petition in two national newspapers on May 28. The petition was set to be heard on June 13.
At the hearing, the petition was undefended as neither Pempena nor its lawyers made an appearance. The court allowed the petition and asked that Pempena be given another 14 days to pay up. On June 27, that short lease of life for the company expired and Pempena ceased to exist.
Yesterday, akin to closing the stable door after the horses have bolted, Malaysian Tourism Board chairman Datuk Victor Wee announced that Pempena would be applying for a stay of the winding up order this week.
The decision, he said, was made after a meeting with the management of Pempena last Friday. A new solicitor will be appointed to apply for a stay and work out an amicable settlement.
He was responding to theSun’s front page report which said the High Court had ordered the company to be wound up after failing to pay RM12.4 million for the purchase of 120 units of Hyundai Sonata.
When asked if these actions and the subsequent embarrassment to the government could have been avoided if Pempena had complied or responded to letters from Kah Bintang and its lawyer, Wee declined to comment, saying: “This is something that only Pempena can answer.”
So, the questions are: “Why did the Pempena CEO ignore the letters, and the call from Lim who was then a director of the company? Was it incompetency or sheer arrogance or total defiance of a lawful directive? Why did Pempena not act after the notice was published?
More importantly, where is Pempena going to find RM13 million (including interests and costs) to pay the motor company? Why should it come from the tourism promotion budget when all fingers point to the directors, who by virtue of their positions should be held responsible for this fiasco?
There’s no benefit in keeping Pempena afloat as it has not contributed in anyway to enhance tourism and related products. In short, it has been bleeding financially and has become a burden to Tourism Malaysia.
The best option is to dispose the assets, settle the debts and close shop so that it does not lose more money. Throwing good money after bad does not make good business sense.

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