28 March 2010

Dr. Hatta Ramli: "Selamatkan Malaysia" Save Malaysia Campaign

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mat said...

Dr Hatta Ramli yang saya hormati,

Dr Hatta, I suggest that there are more URGENT things for you to do; Selamatkan Malaysia can wait. Why? Because you have to save PAS first; it is only by saving PAS than you can truly Selamatkan Malaysia. If you do not save PAS from the munafiks, the pemfitnah, the assabiyah melayu, the narrow minded religous cohorts, the geng perpaduang, the geng tengganu, the berkupiah puteh dikepala tetapi berhati busuk seperti UMNO, then the "SElamatkan Malaysia" will surely fail; when PAS choose to be subservient to the evil UMNO because its leaders are hungry for power and positions, and when PAS leaders see the dunia with such longings and forget the eternal akhirat, then wait..just wait...for Allah's destruction will surely come.
So Dr Hatta Ramli channel your energies inwards; clean your own PAS first.
Dont just pretend that PAS can get through another election like 2008 with what you have right now in PAS. You will learn a bitter lesson.
Remember, if a political party with claims on islamic credentials is actually being run like a nazi organization, what does it tell you. Maybe you dont see this because you are inside and too loyal and hence blinded by the demands for wala etc.
What a waste - PAS has so much talent, yet all have lost their balls and kowtow to you know who (the real power in PAS)

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