09 February 2010

Nizar : I refuse to resign

YB Nizar was in Penang in December, 2009. In a short, fiery speech, he told Penangites the ordeal he went through.

He was summoned to the palace. He couldn't have his handphone so he wasn't able to phone the DAP, PKR or PAS leaders from Perak. He also couldn't phone PAS chief to seek help. He was asked to resign from his Menteri Besar post.

However, YB Nizar said he refused when he thought of the Perakians and their hope for change. So, he had to muster in the most solemn language that he has derhaka. He quoted an earlier that happened 20 years ago where the Sultan has no power to remove the Menteri Besar of Perak. chanlilian.net

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