08 January 2010

Test for 1Malaysia concept

Wee Choo Keong

I was shocked to learn that early this morning three churches have been attacked by criminals. The administrative office of the Metro Tabernacle Assembly of God Church in Desa Melawati in Wangsa Maju was badly damaged by fire. There were attempted arson on the other two churches namely Assumption (near Asunta Hospital) and the Life chapel (Section 17 PJ). These three incidents must be condemned by all peace loving Malaysians.

This morning I visited the badly damaged church in Desa Melawati. I managed to speak to Brother Peter Yeow who has informed me that that his church members saw 4 criminals broke the glass panel of the church and threw inflammable substance into the church.

Such irresponsible acts must be stopped forthwith otherwise it may lead to racial disharmony in the nation. In the interim, the government must instruct the police and other enforcement agencies to protect all places of worship (churches, mosques, temples and etc) to avoid such incidents to happen. A church in Desa Melawati was torched!

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