07 May 2009

Arrests galore at SUK

Photo by The Nut Graph - Police in action

Photo by The Malaysian Insider Teratai ADUN Jenice Lee arrested earlier


lkh said...

1 Malaysia has become 1 Black Malaysia.
1 Malaysia's conceptualization is people first, performance now.
It has become arrest of people first then perform it now.
Mentality of BN is weak that's why people is bullied. People's choices of elected government is grabbed away illegally by perfidious federal government of BN. People's power of voting is immensely being made to be insignificant.
The ruling party is despotically using police to do their dirty job for them. Another shitty item wears yellow is used to be a tool to undemocratic to blacken Malaysia. What a bunch of wonderful living corpses have risen up from carcasses tomb of hell mountain.
People are cry without seeing the justice is ironed. The house of maintaining the good the justice has already been occupied by mentally corrupted misbehaving dementia. Misdeed is done. Hurt is done. People's will will be prevailed at last!

Anonymous said...

Saya nak tanya ahli2 PAS - adakah masih ada lagi ahli2/pemimpin2 PAS yang masih mengidam duduk bersama penyangak penyangak ini dalam suatu kerajaan campuran ? Masih ketagih jawatan bersama dengan UMNO yang berlagak sedemikian rupa ? Jawab lah wahai geng muzakarah/mukabalah atau apa pon bentuk muntahkederah? Jawab lah !

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